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AGWC&L Commendations

.For those who have earned my ultimate respect in competition...

The Commendations Gallery highlights the achievements of many authors that have competed in the Anything Goes Writing Contest and League.

The list has been divided into three groups: Prism & Cup Recipients — those that have won the GGW Tournament or an AGWL Prism; Hall of Perfection inductees — the few who managed to acquire a perfect round score; and Honorable Mention members — those that submitted solid works.

.GGW Champions, AGWL Prism Champions, and Faulkner Cup Winners

The GGW Era (2007-2010):

2007 GGW I Champion: [ .days. ]
2007 GGW I Runner-Up: [alphabravo]

2008 GGW II Champion: TheVoiceOfCreation
2008 GGW II Top Individual Entry: [ .days. ]
2008 GGW II Best Average: zero the last decepticon
2008 GGW II Most Improved: Maki Haruko

2009 GGW III Champion: Ivydoll
2009 GGW III Runner-Up: TheVoiceOfCreation

2010 GGW IV Champion: ViRabbit
2010 GGW IV Runner-Up: phantomkitsune

AGWL Era (2011-2016, 2020):

2011 AGWL Faulkner Prism Winner: phantomkitsune — 110.0
2011 GGW V Champion: The Love Mutt — 99.0
2011 GGW V Runner-Up: phantomkitsune — 95.0
2011 Faulkner Cup Winner: phantomkitsune — 15.0
2011 GGW V Most Improved: The Solarised Night
2011 GGW V Top Individual Entry: phantomkitsune — 15.0

2012 AGWL Doctorow Prism Winner: phantomkitsune — 120.5
2012 GGW VI Champion: phantomkitsune — 114.5**
2012 GGW VI Runner-Up: Aris_#5
2012 Faulkner Cup Winner: The Love Mutt — 10.0
2012 GGW VI Most Improved: Aris_#5
2012 GGW VI Top Individual Entry: The Love Mutt — 14.5

2013 AGWL Heinlein Prism Winner: Yutora — 122.0
2013 GGW VII Champion: TheVoiceOfCreation — 88.2
2013 GGW VII Runner-Up: Black Gabriel
2013 Faulkner Cup Winner: Yutora — 30.5**
2013 GGW VII Most Improved: FrostedMidnight
2013 GGW VII Top Individual Entry: Aris_#5 — 15.0

2014 AGWL Bradbury Prism Winner: FrostedMidnight — 126.01**
2014 GGW IIX Champion: phantomkitsune — 69.0
2014 GGW IIX Runner-Up: FrostedMidnight
2014 Faulkner Cup Winner: Yutora — 14.0
2014 GGW IIX Most Improved: FrostedMidnight
2014 GGW IIX Top Individual Entry: phantomkitsune — 15.0×2**

2015 AGWL Dostoevsky Prism Winner: FrostedMidnight — 91.05
2015 GGW IX Champion: Misha Collinz — 63.00
2015 GGW IX Runner-Up: FrostedMidnight
2015 Faulkner Cup Winner: Wakahisa_S — 15.0
2015 GGW IX Top Individual Entry: FrostedMidnight — 14.13

2016 AGWL Faulkner Prism Winner: FrostedMidnight — 73.42
2016 GGW X Champion: FrostedMidnight — 53.42 (Only True Bracket Qualifier)
2016 GGW X Runner-Up: Yutora
2016 Faulkner Cup Winner: Frosted Midnight — 20.0
2016 GGW X Top Individual Entry: FrostedMidnight– 13.5

2020 GGW XI FrostedMidnight Prism Champion: TheVoiceOfCreation
2020 GGW XI Runner-Up: FrostedMidnight
2020 GGW XI Top Individual Entry: TheVoiceOfCreation
2020 GGW XI Most Improved/Rookie of the Year: shadow_cat_meow
2020 Quarantine Rumble Shirt Bearers: KiriaDK, Seraphly, The Love Mutt, TheVoiceOfCreation
2020 Quarantine Rumble Hot-Damn Honorables: Aphrodite flytrap, FrostedMidnight, Kira, knight_of_chivalry, phantomkitsune, Yutora
VoC named the 2020 award the FM Prism to honor FrostedMidnight because, in VoC’s words, “Everything she writes makes me happy.”
34.67 <– A legacy number here for some reason. I have no idea, but it’s a meme now.

**Indicates Ratings Record

The Faulkner Prism, presented to the AGWL Season 1 Champion!

.Hall of Perfection

The few who have managed to receive a perfect score in an AGWC Competition.


.Honorable Mentions

Authors who have made strong contributions to AGWC competitions.

2pound, AlambiqueCiel, alphabravo, alliisara, Aphrodite flytrap, Aris_#5, Ash, ayumae, Blaze Wolf Druid, Colonel Lady Une [AGWC’s 1st Champion], DaBonster, Dizfox, [ .days. ], Dreamy Abstraction, elementalWITHIN, Elsendor, Emmapeelwannabe, ennaelatan, FaerWolfe, iNob, Itazu, Kiria, Kiwee buu, koma11112, Loreth, Luis, Maki Haruko, MustangDragon, Netolla, Onnii san, Orgasmic Coffdrop, phantomkitsune, Phideaux, Pixie, Rachael, SardonicSteve, Shadow_Ninja_666, shnarf9892, Shoain, Splediferous Masochism, The Love Mutt, The Solarised Night, TheVoiceOfCreation (Para), Toxic Aparadoxaclypse, ViRabbit, Vy, Wanderlust14, Writer Selbe, Yume the Loved Creature, Yutora, XxDistressed_PrincessxX, xX Garlic Crayons Xx, Zero


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